Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WEEK 19: HOMEWORK (Citizenship Week)

1. Continue to make progress with your portfolio (get ready for teacher check Tues 18th July!)

2. Meet with your group to reflect on progress/share resources/take photos etc. Any 'shared' work should be copied to the group's M drive folder in advance of the meeting.

Possible group meeting slots are: Monday lunchtime or Thursday lunchtime (groups to choose a day/time, min 30 mins, max 40 mins)

Optional drop-in slots during Citizenship Week are Tues/Weds lunchtime 12.30 - 1.30pm

1) to use the facilities (quiet space,computers, internet, colour printing)


2) for support (help, advice, encouragement, trouble-shooting)

The 6th form mentors/Mr Bayliss/ Ms Blackborow will be aroubd to help, if needed.

If you want to get involved with the music video shoot, read the details on the email, and reply asap.


1. Read through portfolio FAQs in booklet pp 13 - 16
2. In noteform, create a set of tips for a high quality portfolio
  • Must do a minimum of 5 top tips
  • Should aim to achieve a Top 10
3. Could start making notes in the boxes on pp 9 -11


Self - evaluation CA1

1. comment on teacher feedback - your thoughts/reflections

2. identify where you went right/wrong

3. Set one or two targets for CA2 on the basis of what you have learnt from CA1


Portfolio issues: Top 10

1. Syllabus expectations? Evidence of:
individual research + planning
individual contribution to group planning
indidvidual and group production contribution/skills

2. 12 pages - map out/use effectively

3. Time restriction/deadline approaching

4. Consideration of what is already done/still to do

5. A sense of what and why; the purpose of each page

6. A sense of progression; how one thing leads to another

7. Personalised

8. Visual; aesthetically pleasing/relevant

9. Page labels should match syllabus requirements: Individual R+P, Group Planning, Group Production

10. Clear explanations of what and why ie WHAT the evidence IS, WHY you have INCLUDED it and HOW it impacted on your project.