Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WEEK 19: HOMEWORK (Citizenship Week)

1. Continue to make progress with your portfolio (get ready for teacher check Tues 18th July!)

2. Meet with your group to reflect on progress/share resources/take photos etc. Any 'shared' work should be copied to the group's M drive folder in advance of the meeting.

Possible group meeting slots are: Monday lunchtime or Thursday lunchtime (groups to choose a day/time, min 30 mins, max 40 mins)

Optional drop-in slots during Citizenship Week are Tues/Weds lunchtime 12.30 - 1.30pm

1) to use the facilities (quiet space,computers, internet, colour printing)


2) for support (help, advice, encouragement, trouble-shooting)

The 6th form mentors/Mr Bayliss/ Ms Blackborow will be aroubd to help, if needed.

If you want to get involved with the music video shoot, read the details on the email, and reply asap.


1. Read through portfolio FAQs in booklet pp 13 - 16
2. In noteform, create a set of tips for a high quality portfolio
  • Must do a minimum of 5 top tips
  • Should aim to achieve a Top 10
3. Could start making notes in the boxes on pp 9 -11


Self - evaluation CA1

1. comment on teacher feedback - your thoughts/reflections

2. identify where you went right/wrong

3. Set one or two targets for CA2 on the basis of what you have learnt from CA1


Portfolio issues: Top 10

1. Syllabus expectations? Evidence of:
individual research + planning
individual contribution to group planning
indidvidual and group production contribution/skills

2. 12 pages - map out/use effectively

3. Time restriction/deadline approaching

4. Consideration of what is already done/still to do

5. A sense of what and why; the purpose of each page

6. A sense of progression; how one thing leads to another

7. Personalised

8. Visual; aesthetically pleasing/relevant

9. Page labels should match syllabus requirements: Individual R+P, Group Planning, Group Production

10. Clear explanations of what and why ie WHAT the evidence IS, WHY you have INCLUDED it and HOW it impacted on your project.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 8: Lessons and homework

Using the list on the previous post, work through the planning tasks as a group, asking for feedback/teacher input as you go along.

Decide a suitable homework for each member of the group to achieve in time for the first meeting after Easter.

Check you homeworks with Miss B before writing them in your planner.

Organising a shoot

3. How to organise a shoot.

For the test shoot, you will need to arrange 2 half sessions or one full session over the weekend

A full session = 6 hours min eg 10 am - 4pm
A half session = 4 hours min eg 10am - 2pm

So you will need to decide on the following: remember to be supportive, co-operative and positive while you are working these issues out

1. Saturday, Sunday or both; agree the day(s)
2. Start and finish time
3. Meeting point
4. Transport arrangements

This time allocation includes time for
  • planning
  • setting up
  • clearing up
  • viewing back the footage
This is due to take place on the weekend of Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May. If I have agreed that your location is the school, it may be possible to re-arrange your test shoot over school days, but this depends on many factors. I will discuss this with you on an individual group basis. As a rule, the school is not open at the weekend for students.

4. Other commitments
Your parents have all signed a slip to guarantee your availability on the shoot weekends. I will inform your group of any advance-approved commitments that take priority over the project for any individual, and these will have to be worked around.

Your arrangements should be made in the best interest of the project. The project MUST come first. Shoot arrangements cannot be made around one individual's demands. You can however, consider the preferences that each member of the group has (in terms of time, which day etc) but if a commitment has not been prior approved by me, then it cannot take priority over the project. Your parents have already accepted that some of your regular weekend activities may have to be postponed/cancelled during the shoot period.

Shoots are never cancelled or postponed if an individual group member doesn't attend. Individual marks will be jeopardised if a group member fails to attend a shoot, arrives late or causes any kind of disruption to the arrangements, or lets down their group in any way. The group will need to adapt and continue in the best way possible. You can score extra marks by the way you cope in challenging circumstances.

If there is any kind of family crisis/problem in the build up to the shoot, the sooner you or your parents contact me to let me know, the better. If there is a serious issue, it may be possible for the exam board to apply special consideration, depending on the situation